Fair Tariffs and Ukraine's Energy Independence

Energy independence is the core of independence of each country. The strategy of the Ukrainian government remains unchanged — the country's energy independence is a priority.

We focus on the best practices implemented in advanced countries, such as diversification of energy supply sources, reduction in fossil fuels, and the development of renewable energy sources.

The road to energy independence comes with a price — Ukrainians pay too much for central heating and electricity. Is this fair and justified? The main objective of the forum is to raise the problem.

To answer this question the President's office, the government, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, international organizations, recognized experts, and public figures will initiate discussion on energy tariffs and energy bills during the all-Ukrainian forum.

The forum participants will discuss the principles of the natural gas market functioning and decision-making regarding the increased tariffs, their reduction, the selection of suppliers, and the provision of subsidies.

Objectives of the Forum:

Engage in a dialogue between the government and Ukrainian society regarding the energy tariffs

Identify strategies and the government's action plan for 2021

Demonstrate the high level of international cooperation and partnership with the EU in the energy industry

Increase public trust in the government's actions and its decision making strategy

Provide Ukrainians with access to credible information and confront false and fake information